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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy statement is made by the FusionThought Technologies Pvt. Ltd. consisting of all the entities listed here (collectively, "FusionThought", "we", "us" or "our").

FusionThought’s privacy policy describes its practices, including the types of information it receives and collects from the User and how the former uses and shares this information. We will notify the user of any material changes to this Privacy Policy as required by law.

FusionThought collects, receives, processes and stores information of website users, potential customers, user of its products / services and users linked to the FusionThought. The information collected by us includes but is not limited to data collected automatically or information provided by the user directly or information collected from third parties.

FusionThought uses the user’s personal information for purposes including, but not limited to, internal record keeping, improving its products / services, to identify new customers, analyze trends and customer interests, administer website, for promotional and marketing purpose, to provide maintenance support, respond to request or questions and for transactional communications.

Refund Policy:

If the user is not completely satisfied with its purchase, the user has to contact the FusionThought within thirty days of its purchase to intimate such a grievance

FusionThought shall try and attend to the said grievance in a manner best feasible to the FusionThought.

If the FusionThought is satisfied that the user’s refund request must be honoured the FusionThought shall process the refund in the same manner as the mode of payment for the purchase of the license by the user.

The user’s refund request will not be entertained if –

i)In the event the User or its representative refuses to cooperate with the FusionThought’s support team in the latter’s attempts to attend to the user’s grievance or if the user or its representative refuses to try to apply the solutions provided by the FusionThought’s representative;

ii)In the event the user or its representative threaten the FusionThought or its representative in any manner whatsoever while seeking a refund;

iii)iii. In the event the uesr or its representative makes any false claims against the FusionThought due to the former’s lack of understanding of the Software’s functions and capabilities.

Please note that this refund policy is made available by way of courtesy to the User. In the event it appears to the FusionThought that the user is abusing or misusing the said refund policy, the FusionThought at its sole discretion shall disqualify the user from availing the refund policy.

The user’s remedy is specifically and strictly limited to a refund of its purchase price. No other warranty or remedy is implied nor should be inferred by the user.


The FusionThought may at its sole discretion provide updates to the Software. Free updates may be provided to the User, and subject to the terms and conditions of the updated version. The user may be required to pay additional fees as prescribed as per the revised terms and conditions of the FusionThought for any such update if the FusionThought so requires but the same shall be carried out with the prior approval of the user.


All complaints with respect to the Software by the user with respect to its activities as a part of the Software shall be forwarded to the FusionThought at contact@fusionthought and the FusionThought shall undertake its best efforts to attend to the same.

Payments and Purchases:

The Software will be available under subscription plans of various durations and such plans and durations would be fixed by the FusionThought upon consultation with the User. Such payment can be made by the usual, regular and legitimate means.

The user’s subscription for the Software will be automatically renewed unless the User informs the FusionThought that they do not wish to renew the subscription. At the time such automatic renewal, the subscription fee shall be automatically payable by the User.

If the user chooses to unsubscribe from the service of the Software, the user must inform the FusionThought at least 30 days before the renewal date.

From time to time, the FusionThought may change the price of the subscription to the Software provided. However, it is clarified that such changes will be intimated to the user prior to the next renewal.