How SEO Boosts Businesses and How to Do It Right?

January 26th, 2017 Business, Clients 0 Comments Admin

Search engine optimization delivers value to businesses – of all sizes, from different industrial verticals and with the ultimate goal of profit through online sustainability. A survey established way back that nearly 89% of buyers online begin their buying process with search engines. (Source: Biznology).

Statistics pouring in from across the world confirm that the top listing on the Google’s search pages gets about 33% (that’s one-third) of the total clicks, while the next 3 listings claim about 63% of the share, leaving a meager 4% for the left ones (Source:Marketing Profs ). Nearly 72% marketers in a survey agreed that SEO is the right practice to achieve increased traffic and leads (Source: MediaPost ).

A well-established SEO strategy is the only pathway to the top positions of the search giant’s SERPs. In a very simple language, SEO deals with the 3 major factors that can affect your business’s search engine ranking:

  • Constantly changing search engine algorithms that want only the value-driven listings to be on the top.
  • Behavior of online users who would only settle to your business website if they find quality and relevant content meeting their needs.
  • Uninterrupted efforts of your business competitors who, just like you, long for the top ranks.

While search engine ranking is indeed the most important reason to invest in SEO, the practice also reaps some other absolutely terrific benefits that include:

  • Quality traffic directed to your website
  • Increase in conversion rate
  • Branding and authority building in the specific business niche
  • Extended reach (both locally and globally)
  • Reduced bounce rate
  • Inbound marketing (where the targeted buyers themselves search for products and services your business sells)
  • Creating unmatched user experience through exceptional user engagement and
  • Valuable insights into user behavior (which further helps in improving the entire process)

Indeed a bunch of the most amazing benefits that ultimately boost your business. Now, the big question – how to plan and execute a sound SEO campaign? And, here are the most useful ideas, tips and strategies to begin with:

Website Optimization: Optimize every part of your website – from domain names to page titles to images and web page content. Embed keywords (organically), improve page loading time, navigation and every other design aspect. Repeat the steps for your mobile website (hopefully, you have one) too. In a surve, 72% of the participants agreed of leaving a website that loaded too slowly (Source: SearchEngineWatch).

Link Building: Let your website links be distributed everywhere – article directories, blogs, social media sites (Facebook, twitter, YouTube and so on), forums and so on. Make sure that you generate quality, engaging and unique content (content generation is the heart and soul of SEO) for each of these platforms.

Reviews and Coverage: Request your customers for feedbacks and reviews. Pay the industry experts to strategically review your products and services. Media coverage through press releases is another great strategy.

Local SEO: That’s conveniently ignored by online businesses. You can actually benefit a big way by submitting your business websites to the local directories or promoting business among local audiences who might not mind taking route to your store instantly. A survey had about 72% participants agreeing to having visited stores within 5 miles after conducting local search (Source: WordStream).

Get Engaged: Respond to the readers’ comments on your articles and blogs. Indulge into discussions of social media pages. Leverage the modern day consumers’ cravings to be informed, engaged and entertained. Lastly, consider SEO as an ongoing process that demands continuous efforts and inputs. By investing time, money and brain in SEO campaigns, you can undoubtedly get your business suitably rewarded.